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How Much Original Pokémon Cards Are Worth Today

2016 was the year of the Pokémon thanks to the massive success of Nintendo’s latest mobile game, Pokémon Go. But Pokémon are hardly the new kids on the block, as us millennials have been collecting original Pokémon cards since the 90s. RELATED: PLAY POKÉMON GO, IT’S GOOD FOR YOU If you’re a dedicated fan of the […]

Bot Beats One Of The Best Dota 2 Players

A bot designed by Elon Musk has defeated one of the best Dota 2 players in the world. RELATED: eSports Might Be Coming To The Olympics The bot is backed by artificial intelligence company, Open AI and competed against one of the world’s best Dota 2 players, Danil “Dendi” Ishutin. The three 1v1 matches took place […]

Esports Might Be Coming To The Olympics

It’s no secret that the entire eSports industry is raking in big bucks, not only in terms of the prize pools but in terms of the advertising opportunities and coverage as well. Esports has become so popular that it was teased during the 2016 Olympics closing ceremony that video games could be forming part of future […]

Your Vintage Toys Could Be Worth A Ton

It’s time to dig up all those vintage toys you’ve been saving for no reason or to secretly cuddle when you’re sad because they could make you money. Mobile games like Pokémon GO and the release of reboots of classics like Ghostbusters have made people nostalgic. Some people’s nostalgia has lead to them spending a […]

10 Of The Best Video Game Trailers Ever Created

Video game trailers are one of the most important aspects of a title. The reveal trailer, the epic launch trailer that gives us goosebumps just days before we get to play our most anticipated game of the year. Take a look at our 10 best video game trailers ever created. RELATED: The Best Romance In Gaming […]

5 Game Consoles That Flopped In The Past

With Nintendo recently releasing the Nintendo Switch – its first game consoles in a few years – we took a look back at some other games consoles that have not faired so well. RELATED: Xbox One X v PS4 Pro: What Is The Difference? Not all of the game consoles can be the PS4 or the […]

August Games To Look Forward To

August is here and with it comes some pretty awesome games that we can look forward to playing. Nintendo Switch owners get a brand new Mario game that sees him and the Rabbids team up to save the Mushroom Kingdom. Lawbreakers finally makes its debut in August which is said to be the spiritual successor […]

Prescription Video Games Could Help Children Focus

Whether video games are good or bad for you, has been a controversial topic for years. Many argue that playing video games is bad for your health, while others argue for the benefits video gaming offers. Now, a new study conducted by the University of California suggests that prescription video games could become the medicine […]

5 Best MMO Strategy Games That You Can Play From Your Browser

MMO strategy games are a timeless genre that appeal to those of us who want something other than just the rush of adrenaline that playing a racing/action game might bring. It requires more than just reflex actions and good hand-eye coordination because MMO strategy games are a mix of intelligence, strategy and real life social […]

Xbox One X v PS4 Pro: What Is The Difference?

The Xbox One X is coming in November but what will it mean for gaming and where will Sony’s PS4 Pro be placed after the Xbox One X enters the market? There are a few things the Xbox One X will be better at than Sony’s PS4 Pro, but at the same time, both of […]
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