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South African Roads Aren’t Ready For Autonomous Cars

Wouldn’t it be cool to see autonomous vehicles driving on South African roads? But due to a few factors, it might be unlikely that autonomous cars will be on South African roads in the near future. RELATED: These Record-Breaking Roller Coasters Will Make You Scream Here are some obstacles posed by the South African roads to […]

These Record-Breaking Roller Coasters Will Make You Scream

If you love speed and the feeling of falling, then roller coasters are probably your thing. Roller coasters are designed to scare and excite you, triggering a release of a whole lot of adrenaline. RELATED: 5 Fast Machines That Have Broken Records Roller coasters are engineered to bring out maximum fear and fun, with some riders […]

5 Online Safety Tricks To Follow If You Have Kids

Having kids in the technology age means they have access to a very big world and their online safety should be one of your main concerns as modern parents. RELATED: 5 Child Travel Safety Tips Although it would be impossible to avoid having your kids go online, there are some online safety tricks you could use […]

10 Ways LEGO Is Educating You And The Kids

LEGO has been used as the building blocks for our imaginations since the 1950s. It is the preferred toy as it is believed to promote creativity, encourage you to use your fine motor skills, and LEGO is considered as a highly educational toy. RELATED: Kids Review The Latest Skylanders Imaginators There are many reasons to play with […]

Weird Gadgets That People Have Actually Bought

Some people spend ridiculous amounts of money on gadgets that they really want. And other times people some how get sucked into buying weird gadgets that somehow made it into the market. RELATED: 5 Luxury Gadgets You’re Probably Too Poor To Have Here are some of the weird gadgets that people spent their money on. Selfie […]

In-Car Technologies Could Help You Save Money On Fuel

It takes a long time for petrol to find its way into your tank. Thousands of years to be exact. Originating from the fossils of animals and plants, petroleum (crude oil) needs to be extracted from the earth, refined into petrol or diesel, and transported and stored under precise conditions. Petrol is thus one of […]

5 Luxury Gadgets You’re Probably Too Poor To Have

Luxury gadgets make the lives of the rich even more glamorous than our mundane, normal people’s lives. RELATED: 5 Ugly Phones That Many Of Us Thought Were Fashionable These luxury gadgets might not be as essential as the gadgets we carry around with us all the time like our iPhones, Nintendo Switches, or AirPods, but they sure […]

5 Ugly Phones That Many Of Us Thought Were Fashionable

Looking back at old pictures of yourself can be hard. Looking back at all the ugly phones you wasted your money on, can be even harder. Thanks to good branding, or marketing, or Jedi mind tricks, some cunning companies managed to convince us to buy some ugly phones back in the day. RELATED: 5 Classic Mobile Games […]

How Much Smartphone Memory Do You Need?

When you’re searching for the ideal device to suit your lifestyle, smartphone memory, and storage may not seem like the sexiest features to fawn over. But as your smartphone moves to take the place of your digital camera, MP3 player, portable gaming console, GPS and on-the-go entertainment system, these two features are certainly something you’ll […]

Xbox One X v PS4 Pro: What Is The Difference?

The Xbox One X is coming in November but what will it mean for gaming and where will Sony’s PS4 Pro be placed after the Xbox One X enters the market? There are a few things the Xbox One X will be better at than Sony’s PS4 Pro, but at the same time, both of […]
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